Just wanted to say I appreciate everyone’s comments on my captivity opinion, lol. Thanks for being respectful! I’m not gonna respond to anyone directly, but I would just like to reiterate that, while most parks care for their animals to the best of their ability, the motives behind that may or may not be for the actual benefit of the whales depending on your own views on the matter :)

And yes, I am aware that the “marine parks don’t care about their animals” thing is a statement most often made by highly uneducated anticaps. No one who’s responded thus far has fallen into that category, and most people I keep up with on here in general don’t fall into the uneducated category. It’s an argument I most often see on instagram (I greatly dislike instagram, can you tell? Lol) By people who often ONLY watch Blackfish and don’t explore the issue any further. While Blackfish can be a great way to begin your involvement in the anticap community, it can’t be your ONLY source of info. Most of the people who make claims like this are highly uneducated and fortunately don’t have a strong presence here on tumblr. I just find it easier to rant about stuff like that over here.

So yeah, I know it’s not a very common argument to say marine parks don’t care about their animals at all, but it’s one I see a bit too often on other websites and I just needed to rant.

Thank you again for the feedback! Like I said, I won’t be responding to anyone (sorry!) But I appreciate your comments all the same :)


Uh oh, here I go, stating an opinion I have on captivity:

I never really understood the argument that marine parks don’t care about the animal’s welfare, they only care about money.

I mean, of course they care about money, that’s the main reason the industry got started in the first place (duh!) But if they didn’t care about the animals’ well-being, there would be no money to be made.

Now, whether marine parks care about the animals for the right reasons is up to the discretion of the individual person. Obviously, not all parks do such a great job at providing care for their marine mammals, but I think all parks have to care about the well-being of their animals to some extent. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be making any money because their animals would all be dead from lack of care.

Feel free to discuss just be respectful please.

Photo Set

Orky 2 and Corky 2 performing at Marineland of The Pacific [x]

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I couldn’t see that anyone else had posted this, Wikie’s baby finally has a name; Keijo!

Oh my god he is adorable. And I love the name.

Oh my god

I think

He might be my new favorite

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Eye in the Eye, by Marc Costermans.

Here is planet Earth in one photo. Those eyes show the kinship of all living things. There is, literally, a line of unbroken ancestry, a physical chain of being that connects you, and me, and everyone who sees this photo to that bird and that fish, just as it connects them to each other by a common ancestor millions of years in the past.

They should be brothers, but they are at war. Just as we are at war with them, and with the whole Earth, and with the gods we see in her, and with each other, and with ourselves.

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Tapejarid by HaughtyFlaki

I’ve always wanted to paint pterosuars but knowing very little about them I bought the book Pterosaurs by M. P. Witton and following his skeletal reconstruction and life restorations, I decided to try my hand with the tapejarid “Huaxiapterus” benxiensis.

I was also greatly inspired by Julio-Lacerda’s works that are absolutely stunning (you can see them here: paleoart)

Source: haughtyflaki.deviantart.com


Blue Peacockidons, A. J. Trahan

This was the last afternoon the brothers would spend together. Their adult plumage was almost completely grown in: just a few gray-green plumes hung from frames becoming sleek and iridescent with vibrant blues that almost shone in the sunlight. 

The following day, the older one snapped at the younger. He whistled a territorial song—a tune that dipped low, then rose to end in three trill and angry notes—spread his arms and shook his great blue tail, fanning his feathers, trying to look as big and threatening as he could. 

The younger one was confused, not ready to be chased away. He cocked his head and chirped, then dodged his older brother’s kicks. He moved a few paces away, and the brother glared at him, sang “lu-ohn-a-ree-ee-ee” again. The younger one paced, keeping a few body-lengths between them, but edged too near, and his older brother was jumping again, lashing out with long, skinny, barb-tipped legs, mouth wide, feathers puffed. They croaked and chittered and rolled through the undergrowth, as if being tossed by the wind, one brother trying to climb on his sibling, the other spinning to stay out from under him. 

After this second attack, the younger one ran away—his brother scolding a few more territorial announcements behind him—and stopped only when he could no longer hear his brother. He inspected a scratch he’d received in the fight. Blood beaded between plumes. After nursing it, he looked around. The forest seemed larger than before.

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Polymita picta, the stunning Cuban painted snail. Sadly, these snails are currently endangered due to the high demand for their gorgeously colored shells.

Source: The Featured Creature

love these guys - look just like candy! 

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Wikie’s Baby is named Keijo !

Keijo means supernatural being or elf in Finnish.

Pictore & source: Marineland on Facebook

Video (in french) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3-MKT93XMY&feature=youtu.be

kamairuka tiny sea lad got a name! Source: freeblackfish



Magpies can look like boring black and white birds until they open their wings and reveal their beautiful blue and green feathers <3

ahem excuse you

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Photo Set



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Some of you inquired about brushes. Well HERE’S SOME MORE. Used some a these for the LGAL wip piece i put up a few days ago. Looove em!

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